Happy Birthday, John!
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A New Year's Day baby. How lovely. How sobering for your parents!

Hope it's a great year for you.

All the best.

Iain Dale - get your URL/website link back, please
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I DO wish Iain Dale over at his blog hadn't taken away the website link for commenters. It makes things far more relevant if one can include a link to a pertinent url rather than just to places like this, which I do not keep regularly updated.

Iain was interviewing Alastair Campbell. Interesting, I thought.

Here's my blog, in case you didn't know.

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'Ban Blair-Baiting' petition
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There is a petition online to "Ban Blair-Baiting" at the Iraq war inquiry.

It is self-explanatory.

Please sign it here.

See this collection of entries at my blog for evidence of how Tony Blair is already being set up for a fall by the "decision-makers" in the press, whose all-pervasive mind-bending is dangerous, imho.

Problems posting here AND Salmond's expenses to indict Blair
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Am I the only one who finds posting comments at these Independent blogs a chore? Even when successfully logged in I often get the message that the comment hasn't been posted and to go back and try again.

So, since going back again seldom works, I DID try again, I'll just post this comment here. It was in response to Salmond and Co's use of OUR money to indict Tony Blair.


'Alex Salmond Scottish National Party leader

Taxpayers were charged £14,100 for legal advice over an attempt to impeach Tony Blair over his handling of the war with Iraq. The claim – split between nine SNP and Plaid Cymru MPs – emerged through Mr Salmond's expenses receipts. Mr Salmond's share was £790. A spokesman said his claim was "absolutely vindicated".

"Absolutely vindicated"?

Who? When?

Is the Trial, I mean... Inquiry over already? Is Blair now in the dock at The Hague or rotting in a cell?

Have I missed something?

These nationalist MPs should ALL be charged with an attempt at "regime change" using OUR money. WE did not authorise them. It was in no manifesto that WE were to pay for their scurrilous politically motivated scheme.

No-one or nothing has yet been vindicated.

But Blair WILL be, when the Inquiry ... I mean TRIAL is over.

PC Plod - when you've finished with the (sanctimonious) Liberal Democrat "money laundering" investigation - up to Edinburgh & Cardiff pronto beore Salmond and co leave the country(ies).

Fair cop.



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